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Experience, reliability and quality

When it comes down to it, experience is everything in this industry.  The experience to assist our clients in project costing and design development. The experience to supply only the highest quality fabricated structures.  The experience to tackle complex projects and deliver on time, every time.  GFab has been doing this for 40 years.

GFab focuses on the highest quality, precise fabricated structures. Quality and quality assurance is crucial to ensure our client projects are completed to the highest standard.

For projects large or small, complex or simple, with 40 years experience in the industry GFab has completed ventures with a wide range of complexity.  From simple structural forms to the most complex installations in the country... GFab continues to deliver.   The experience and in-depth knowledge of our staff will ensure efficiency and quality in your project delivery. The GFab on-site rigging crew guarantees projects are erected expertly and on time.

Ultimately this means you save money and time on your project – no matter how complex. On time, every time.


Company Profile





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Featured project

The North-South Bypass Tunnels and Canopies project in Queensland is a display of fabrication agility and sophistication.  This iconic structure consists almost entirely of curved steel, beautiful elliptical pods and curved voids.  The colour and paint finish is unparalleled.

It is a demonstration of
Architectural and Fabrication craftsmanship. 

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